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The painting above is titled 'WW1 SOLDIER' (2015) - 60 X 90CM. The painting was created with acrylic paint using a knife and brush work. The painting is not for sale. Original Australian Painting Online.
Peter started out drawing and painting as a young boy.  He studied Art at the Ballarat Junior Technical School in the late 60s and spent one year with the School Of Mines Ballarat (SMB) in 1971.

He went on to use his artistic talent in
advertising and

Peter will feature some
of his recent paintings and drawings on this website.
You can commission Peter to create artwork. His speciality is real life and abstract paintings.  Subjects like portraits and war time focused artwork is something Peter enjoys creating. For example, he is in the current process of painting a Vietnam War Veteran. If you have a family member who served in Australia's military and would like a portrait painted then contact Peter. His mobile number is 0418 82 7756.

Peter works mainly with acrylic paint and has a unique style of painting.  The WW1 Soldier painting above (a section of the painting)  is Peter's most favourite painting so far... He wanted to capture the look of a soldier who had experienced the horror of war. Also, Peter didn't want the painting to be perfect, meaning he wanted a rough feel to it so that's why he used a knife to paint it as well as a brush.  They say the eyes are the windows to the soul...  

You can buy works of art directly from the artist.

Today Peter is a partner in a successful online business, but he looks forward to the day he can just draw and paint full time.

He has also authored songs.  The songs are community based and include a State song commissioned by the South Australian Government in 1999 called 'South Australia It's My Home'. In 2001, he also authored the Australian War Heroes Song 'Can You Hear Australia's Heroes Marching?' which has be used across Australia lfor ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day. You can download these songs for free here.

If you prefer to email Peter you can do that here.

Peter's paintings relating to Australians in war
Latest painting - Painting above is titled 'AUSTRALIAN WAR HERO - WW2' (2015) - 70 CM X 100CM.

Chose to paint the famous photograph taken on the 30th of July 1943 of Corporal Leslie (Bull) Allen MM, aged 26 of Ballarat, Victoria, carrying out a wounded American soldier down the slopes of Mount Tambu, New Guinea, during the Wau - Salamaua campaign, one of 12 he retrieved. He was awarded the US Silver Star and had already received his Military Medal (MM) on the 7th of February 1943, at Crystal Creek, Wau .(He was born in Ballarat in 1916 and died in Ballarat in 1982).

I am a Ballarat boy... Born there in 1953. The painting is not for sale. Original Australian Painting.
The painting above is titled 'MATESHIP' (2015) - 100 CM X 100CM.

The painting is based on an iconic Gallipoli photograph of a soldier carrying a wounded mate. Mateship is a defining character within the Australian nation and its military. The painting was created with acrylic paint. Original Australian Paintings. This painting is sold.
Peter's career saw him attain the roles of general manager and creative director with leading advertising agencies. Peter has lived and worked in Victoria, the Northern Territory, and now resides in South Australia. Peter has experience in effectively marketing businesses online. He is a partner with an online business.  He has authored community focused songs and some of the songs are below.
Besides painting, Peter's interests include song writing, motorcycles (obviously) and American muscle cars.
Since 2001, the song has been used for commemorative purposes across Australia by schools, churches, choirs, bands, councils, retirement homes, military services, radio stations, RSL branches and ANZAC tributes at NRL & AFL matches.
Performances of this State song to date include SA Government functions and community presentations, More than ten thousand young South Australians learnt the song when it was included in the ‘Song Book’ for State Public Primary Schools in 2001. The song was ceated in 1999.
An inspiring song for the Northern Territory created in 1996. One of the most compelling anthemic songs yet recorded for the Northern Territory.  You don't have to be a Territorian to enjoy this song as its power, feeling, and sound, is appreciated by people across Australia and around the world
Phone: 0418 82 7756   Email Peter
The painting on the left is titled 'Mystical Falls' (2017) - 70CM X  50CM.

The painting was created with enamel paint on canvas.

The painting is for sale. $250 plus shipping. New Australian Painting Online.